Hardcover, 32 by 28 cms, Premium Lustre Photo Paper
218 pages - $260

This sub-set of boats from both the original 'Wood On Water In Australia' book and Volume II features all of the 35 ski/race-boats and launches from the two books without any of the cruisers. Eight Lewis Bros boats head a list that gives excellent coverage of the broad range of this style of boat that Aussie builders have produced dating back to the 1920s. The photos show both action and detail with coverage of extensive restration projects on some boats. This Edition V features:
Aquadelmo 31 ‘don Beto’
Crandell 1947 Raceboat ‘Spitfire’
Chris-Craft Style Speedboat 1927 ‘Cee Cee’
Dewhurst/Ventnor 1920s/2004 Gold Cup Raceboat 'Annie Gee'
Eddy 1955 Skiboat 'Stormy'
Everingham 1965 Raceboat ‘Binky II’
Frecheville-Heaney/Hacker 1924/2005 Speedboat ‘Rosita’
Goldsbrough 1956 Skiboat ‘Sheba II’
Goldsbrough 1961 Skiboat ‘Mystere’
Grantham 1962 Skiboat ‘Indigo’
Halvorsen 1948 Launch 'Miss Ally'
Hammond 1961 Skiboat ‘Miss Australia’
Hammond 2015 Skiboat ‘Ruby’
Hammond 2006 Reunion
Howard 1996 Hydro ‘Untamed Lady’
Hunts Marine 1961 Runabout ‘L’il Devil’
Kencraft 1991 Custom Skiboat ‘Mystress’

Kinney 1950s/1995 Putt Putt Launch ‘Tomfoolery’
Lewis Bros – Frank & Ritchie
Lewis Bros 1955 Skiboat ‘Still Cruz’n’
Lewis Bros 1961 Skiffabout ‘Electric Girl’
Lewis Bros 1963 Skiboat ‘Comanche’
Lewis Bros 1964 Skiboat 'Turbo-Fire'
Lewis Bros 1966 Speedboat ‘Ronda’
Lewis Bros 1967 Raceboat ‘Invader’
Lewis Bros 1968 Raceboat ‘F F Sure’
Lewis Bros 1968 Raceboat 'Rebound'
Loader 1965 Hydro ‘Classic Racing’
Seacraft 1998 Skiboat ‘Driftwood’
Sea Queen 1956 Runabout ‘The Bat Boat’
Simpkin/Lewis Bros 1974 Skiboat ‘Steinway’
Tom Jones 1958 Hydro ‘Atomic’
Tom Jones Hydros  - Sydney Hydro Club’
(‘Wasp’, ‘Puff ‘n’ Stuff’, ‘Goldust’, ‘Bumblefoot’)
Tom Jones 1959 Hydro ‘Blue Max’
Tom Jones 1962 Hydro ‘The Baron’