Hardcover, 32 by 28 cms, Premium Lustre Photo Paper
108 pages - $190

This sub-set of Volume II features the ski/race-boats and launches from that book without any of the cruisers. Whilst boats from the famed Lewis Bros are a focus, other designs from builders such as Eddy and Goldsbrough accompany fascinating  designs from lesser-known but perhaps equally talented builders. Every boat has a heritage worth preserving and the images bring out the true wonder of each one. The boats in this Edition III comprise:
Crandell 1947 Raceboat ‘Spitfire’
Eddy 1955 Skiboat 'Stormy'     
Goldsbrough 1961 Skiboat ‘Mystere’
Grantham 1962 Skiboat ‘Indigo’
Kinney 1950s/1995 Putt Putt Launch ‘Tomfoolery’
Lewis Bros 1955 Skiboat ‘Still Cruz’n’
Lewis Bros 1961 Skiffabout ‘Electric Girl’
Lewis Bros 1964 Skiboat 'Turbo-Fire'
Lewis Bros 1966 Speedboat ‘Ronda’
Lewis Bros 1967 Raceboat ‘Invader’
Lewis Bros 1968 Raceboat ‘F F Sure’
Lewis Bros 1968 Raceboat 'Rebound'
Seacraft 1998 Skiboat ‘Driftwood’
Sea Queen 1956 Runabout ‘The Bat Boat’